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Nations Roof

“The Roofing Risk Advisors/Frank H. Furman Agency allocates significant resources to assist Nations Roof’s with managing our loss control and safety indicatives. We utilize RRA/Furman agency’s deep roofing expertise to implement and manage best practice loss control and claims management disciplines which control costs and enhance our firms operating results.”  

Neff Ortiz, National Safety Director
Nations Roof

“Since Roofing Risk Advisors/Furman began serving as our insurance & surety advisor, we have continually qualified for stronger insurance programs. Their loss control program, resources and claims management have implemented proven loss prevention within our company. Roofing Risk Advisors keeps us apprised of risk trends in the roofing industry which enables us to work effectively and manage our risk.  Roofing Risk Advisors protects our balance sheet so we can focus on our roofing business”.

Stephen F. Sutter, CEO
Sutter Roofing Company of Florida

“Our Roofing Risk Advisor, Brian Pratt and the Roofing Risk Advisor's staff make the job of owning a successful roofing company a reality.  After years of frustrating financial results of insurance costs and loss control disciplines, I invited Brian Pratt to help improve my bottom-line.  In just a few months, our entire operation improved. Roofing Risk Advisors and Brian Pratt have given us the resources to reach our goals.  Brian has become our friend, our confident. Anyone interested in insurance with Roofing Risk Advisors should talk to me.  I am available any time.”

Ken Kelly, President
Kelly Roofing


“Rob Foote and his firm came highly recommended to us by other NRCA Members and common friends in the roofing industry. In June of 2013, we engaged Rob Foote and Frank H. Furman Inc. to manage our corporate insurance programs. The Furman disciplined approach to Risk Management has a direct impact on our profit margins. With 109 roofing professionals as clients, Frank H. Furman, Inc. delivers more consultative value and roofing expertise than any other insurance advisor. We highly recommend the roofing experts of Frank H. Furman Inc.” 


Brad Beldon, CEO
Beldon Roofing Company

Advanced Roofing

“Our company has been a client of Roofing Risk Advisors/Furman Insurance since 1993. We selected Roofing Risk Advisors due to their specialization and experience in the roofing industry.  Their risk management service model provides a direct impact to Advanced Roofing’s bottom line. Roofing Risk Advisors is a valuable member of our trusted advisor team.”

Rob Kornahrens, President
Advanced Roofing, Inc.

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We transitioned our corporate insurance programs to the Furman Agency due to an innovative insurance program they crafted for our firm. Since engaging Furman, our overhead expense relative to our insurance burdens have significantly decreased, which has elevated margins and strengthened our firm’s competitive advantage. The roofing group that services our account at the Furman Agency proactively manages our insurance program with precision and a strong sense of urgency. The Furman Agency is our firm’s leading service provider as a result of the direct impact their team has on our operating results.

Michael Finney, President and Jason Finney, Vice President, Ideal Building Solutions

“We hired Roofing Risk Advisors/Furman to evaluate our risk management program.  We selected Roofing Risk Advisors as our consultant for the reason that their deep expertise was in the Roofing Industry.  After evaluating multiple programs, we selected a unique risk management solution that enables us to better control and manage our total cost of risk. Roofing Risk Advisors has helped us to convert our insurance programs into a profit center.  Their industry and risk management experience helps us protect our balance sheet."

Manuel G. Gutierrez III, CFO/Vice-President
Roof Technologies, Inc.

“Roofing Risk Advisors/Furman is our Trusted Insurance Advisor.  They make a positive impact to our firm's profitability.  Through Roofing Risk Advisors' involvement in local and national roofing associations, they keep us informed of risk and insurance trends that affect the roofing industry.  Roofing Risk Advisors has been Certified Contracting Group's Insurance Advisor for over 18 years.  We highly recommend their services.”  

Gene Fall, President
Certified Contracting Group, Inc.


"Rob Foote and his firm are a credible resource for risk management and insurance issues related to the roofing industry. Because of Rob’s expertise in the roofing industry, he has been a speaker for educational programs for NRCA and the National Roofing Legal Resource Center. We are comfortable recommending Rob and his firm to professional roofing contractors that may be seeking an insurance advisor that has roofing specific risk managment experience."

Stephen M. Phillips, Partner
Hendrick, Phillips, Salzman & Siegel, PC

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