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Safety is a Profit Center

Insurance advisor to the roofing industry Rob Foote meets with Gregg Wallick CEO of Best Roofing at the Annual FRSA convention and trade show.

Foote hand delivers the largest safety dividend check that Best Roofing has ever received.

Best Roofing's investment in loss control and Roofing Risk Advisors/Furman Insurance's consultative risk reduction approach delivers profit to Best Roofing's bottom line.

Gregg Wallick is veteran of the roofing industry with features in every major roofing industry publication recognizing his personal and corporate accomplishments. Gregg's son, Zack Wallick is featured as a emerging leader of the firm and recognized as a young gun in Roofing Contractor Magazine.

Roofing Risk Advisors is intensely focused on enhancing their clients' profit margins. With 109 roofing contractors as clients and 26 years of roofing industry risk experience Roofing Risk Advisors has the formula for fueling margins for their clients.

For more information on, how to recover significant portions of your firms premium dollars in the form of safety dividends call on the roofing experts.

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