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Ack! We've been hacked!

Does Your Insurance Advisor Keep You Informed About The

Risk Of Cyber Attacks And Ransomware?

As cyber-attacks become increasingly more devastating, businesses must manage technology risk if they are to protect themselves from cyber criminals. Our cyber-crime insurance program is crafted for best in class roofing professionals with revenues in excess of 5 million in annual sales volume.

Cyber Attacks are Spreading:

Data breach involving third party vendor causes major financial impact to national retailer

  • Thousands of consumers experienced credit card and personal information exposed by cyber thieves

  • Record settlement has been reached with 47 states for the 41 Million customers impacted by the breach

A national construction management firm has a data breach affecting 5,600 employees nationwide

  • Targeted "phishing" attack by cyber thieves resulted in names, social security numbers and tax information being sent to a fraudulent email account

  • Impacted employees reportedly received 10 years subscriptions for identity monitoring service

General Contracting firm suffers employee data breach tied to contractor's tax filing vendor

  • Employee W-2 and IRS Form 1095 filings were accessed by an unauthorized individual compromising employees, their dependents and beneficiaries

What is your Cyber Risk Score?

Download the Cyber Risk Scorecard here,

to determine your roofing firm's level of cyber risk.

If your firm's cyber risk score is

greater than 10 then call on us,

for a no cost risk management consultation.

source: (a) USA Today (b) Columbus Business First (c)

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