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Cyber Crime: Single Greatest Emerging Risk for Businesses

Leading Risk Managers Report that Cyber Crime is the Single Greatest Emerging Risk for Businesses

  • Internet-connected devices and solutions used in day-to-day operations provide opportunities for hackers; laptops, smartphones, project management and vendor management tools create many opportunities for hackers to take advantage

  • Nearly 50% of all claims result from employee / internal sources

  • Recovery can be costly; data loss and restoration expenses, notification and credit-monitoring service fees, loss of income, business interruption, extortion, theft

What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Comprehensive coverage designed to provide protection for exposures related to the use of the Internet. First-party coverage applies to costs incurred by the Roofing Contractor when responding to a covered event, while third-party coverage responds to claims and demands against the Roofing Contractor arising from covered events. Our Cyber Program also provides a network of Cyber Crime Support Specialists to assist in a timely and appropriate response to any extortion or breach event.

The cost of cyber crime coverage is based on the Roofing Contractors' annual revenue and technology system controls.


Our Cyber Insurance Specialists have 25 years of experience in the Roofing Industry.

Contact Roofing Risk Advisors, so we can rush to you a indication of your firm

to transfer cyber risk off your balance sheet, for the roofing professionals that qualify.

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