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Health Insurance

  • Roofing Risk Advisors will introduce Roofing Professionals, seeking Healthcare Insurance cost reductions, to a “Qualified  Healthcare Program” for employees and their families.

  • Roofing Risk Advisors' clients that participate in this Program have reduced their employee healthcare insurance cost by an average of 16.5%

Roofing Risk Advisors Services:

  •   Contract and Rate Negotiation for all group insurance product

  •   Open Enrollment management and support

  •   Online enrollment and billing technology solutions

  •   Current  program evaluation and consultation

  •   Contribution Strategy consultation  for employer budget targets

  •   Benefit Administration including COBRA and Human Resources

  •  Timeline Management insuring that renewals delivered early, with sufficient time for analysis and decision making

  •   Employee education and communication

  •   Employee advocacy services, including guidance for employees with regard to claims and benefit issues

  •   Health Insurance Reform education and planning

  •   State and Federal Regulatory Audits

  •   Health Fairs/Wellness strategies

  •   Benchmarking Studies

Health Insurance - Roofing Contractors

Frustrated with Rising Cost of Health Insurance?

“Roofing Risk Advisors has effectively contained our employee healthcare insurance cost, yielding a direct impact to our bottom line. Our healthcare insurance program helps attract and retain employees."  

Kevin Kornahrens

Advanced Roofing, Inc.
Director of Administration

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