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About Us

Our Mission


Assist our clients with achieving a competitive advantage in their chosen segment of the roofing industry.

We proactively contain our clients cost of risk so they in turn build strong backlogs with above average gross profit margins. The deep experience of our Roofing Risk Advisors enables us to structure creative risk management and surety programs to maximize our clients operating income. We create an ease of doing business for our roofing clients so they in turn can focus on their core revenue generating disciplines.



We are a “Best In Class” service provider to 129 roofing professionals. Over the past 29 years, we have mastered proven strategies to enhance client profitability while proactively protecting the corporate and personal balance sheet of our clients. Our consulting services include: Insurance and Surety Program Placement, Loss Control, Claims Management, OSHA Compliance, Human Resource Consulting and Captive Programs.



Our active involvement in Local, State and National Roofing Contractors Associations keeps our Advisors on the cutting edge of roofing industry opportunities and threats. We have the resources, infrastructure and placement expertise to impact Tier One roofing professionals. We have been featured authors, as well as Speakers, for many roofing association events for FRSA, NRCA and the National Legal Resource Council. We serve on the Board of Directors of Local and State Roofing Contractors Associations. We have been active members of NRCA for 19 years.

Proud Member of these Reputable Organizations:

FRSA Member
NRCA Member
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