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Advisors to the

Roofing Industry

Roofing Risk Advisors 
dba Frank H. Furman, Inc.

We structure insurance and risk management programs that reduce insurance costs for 129 Tier One Roofing Contractors. We are 19 year members of NRCA with 29 years of roofing industry experience.

Proud to Serve the Following Top 100 Roofing Contractors

Robert Foote, President

In 1992 Rob Foote launched a Roofing Division within The Furman Agency, Roofing Risk Advisors, LLC. Rob is an expert in uniquely crafting and managing Insurance and Risk Management programs for 129 roofing professionals

Brian Pratt,

Risk Advisor

Brian Pratt has a deep expertise as a Risk Management and Surety Advisor to the roofing industry. Brian is a featured speaker at industry events such as "Best of Success" and the International Roofing Expo.


86% of our clients are acquired by referrals from satisfied clients


On average, our clients achieve operating results that place them in the top 24% of their market segment


Our clients' loss ratios are consistently 15% better than their peers, resulting in elevated profit margins


Ranking #13 in the Nation by Roofing Contractor

Publications by Roofing Risk Advisors

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Why Roofing Professionals Choose RRA?

  • Protect our Clients’ Balance Sheet

  • Control our Clients’ Insurance Costs

  • Create an Ease of Doing Business

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